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Caregiver Support

Emmanuel Ridge Community Services is committed to supporting our hard-working caregivers. We also endeavor to support and sustain the important work of families and friends who provide care for adult loved ones with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Caregivers don’t often get the care they deserve, and one of our missions here is to change that.

Caregiving, while incredibly rewarding, can also be a draining experience. A person’s attempt to balance their duties with everything else going on in their lives can be stressful, taking its toll both physically and mentally. Caregivers also need time to recharge and recuperate their strength; they need to be given the opportunity to focus and catch up with other aspects of their lives.

Our center strives to offer care providers the assistance they need through our caregiver-support-centered services. One of our goals is to address the needs of individuals caring for sick and elderly family members, giving them a much-needed break from the stress and worries of caregiving and the time to just focus on themselves and put things in perspective.

We’d be happy to answer your questions concerning caregiver support service. All you have to do is call 769-243-8940 or send an email to either or with your questions, comments, or suggestions.